updated 6 Sept  2015

Have planted a greengage tree, plum, cherry, apple and pear as well as a blackberry plant.

Prune plum trees in the summer when they are less susceptible to disease

Autumn raspberries did very well (Autumn bliss and Polka varieties) lots in the freezer

Prize winning raspberries (Autumn Bliss ) at
Abingdon Horticultural September Show.
winning raspberry picture

red currants did well this year again
redcurrants 2012

I've seen some golden raspberries, but no experience of them, are they good?

Prune Autumn cropping Raspberries in the spring down to the ground before March and they will fruit this autumn 

but not summer fruiting, they should be pruned as soon as they finish fruiting, remove the old wood that has fruited and leave the new wood to grow and fruit next summer

 Strawberries only crop successfully for about 3 years. So I have 30 new plants to set this year. They will be ready for next year when I will remove the old plants. 

Old plants now removed and asparagus bed in place.

Update: 3 plants of one variety have died, rest look well. I am determined to keep the runners off these plants.


Fruit will really benefit from a blended horse manure mulch 

May 2011. I  strawed my strawberries to keep in the moisture,   the strawberries were  early this year, but poor cropping.

Again the "Autumn Bliss" raspberries cropped well from July to end of September and Polka did well too.


I grow strawberries on the ground. However see the upper photo of modern cropping of strawberries with regular watering carried out automatically and with feed in the water. The strawberry plants are in a trough with minimal soil but all the elements required are provided.

Mine are ground planted, see below and strawed in May. You can plant the plants in black polythene. Straw or poly suppresses weeds and helps retain moisture.Note that the bed should be renewed after 3 or 4 years and maiden plants set again for fruiting the following year from late June onwards. Different varieties extend the fruiting period. I grow cambridge favourite mainly, these crop over 3 to 4 weeks.
Photo of elevated strawberry bed
Photo of strawberry bed on ground levelground bed 
strawed strawberriesstrawed strawberries
Maiden strawberriesmaiden strawberries

Other Fruit

Rhubarb, set , keep clean and feed well with manure, pick in the second year after planting. Sun or semi-shade, good varieties :- Timperly and champagne
Raspberries  fruit for 12 years, 6 foot posts and wire for support  plant 15 inches apart with rows 6 feet apart
Mine are a bit close. Autumn bliss is my favourite variety, fruits from August to late November, pick twice a week, good flavour
 Red Currants and Black Currants   Black Currants require plenty of nitrogen and prune about a third of the bush hard each year, after fruiting. Red Currants prune gently to maintain a goblet shape and feed more balanced fertilizer. Both should crop for 12 years
Gooseberries I inherited an established gooseberry bush, age unknown but has fruited this year quite well


I can strongly recommend bird netting with 8 feet posts, (6 feet  above the ground,2 feet  in the ground) to keep the net clear of your head and keep birds off your fruit. I bought 4 metre wide strips of net about 12 metres long  from the local DIY superstore

gooseberries June 20112011 gooseberries

Pears looking good

Allotment member's rhubarb

picture of pears

photo of a members rhubarb

photo photo
Tomatoes fruit or vegetable?
strawberries mown after fruiting
photo of mown strawberries2 months later photo
after 2 months growth and rain see right hand picture