6 Sept 2015

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Annual General Meeting Abbey Sailing club 8pm 7th September 2015

Abingdon Horticultural Society Autumn Show
Some entries from Drayton Road allotments

show exhibits

Outdoor tomatoes, mine in polytunnel did not produce any tomatoes as it was too hot .
picture of outdoor tomatos
Here are a list of bee friendly plants 

Fruits and veggies - blackberries, cucumbers, fruit trees, peppers, strawberries, wild garlic 

Herbs - bee balm, catnip, fennel, lavender, mints, sage, thyme 

stranded pike nov 2012Pike stranded on the allotments


New Bridge opened
new bridge

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See information about Marshall seeds on links page.
5th June 2011
Spinach, purple and orange carrots,
beetroot and first early, new potatoes.
Planted end of March.
Is your plot ready for planting??
first vegetables

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This site is for both
those thinking of having an  allotment and those who have one. Hopefully you will all find something useful. It is a small site of 6 pages. It is hoped to update and enlarge it as time goes on and as we progress into spring and summer.

Remember to always lock the gate                                                                       correctly please


View of
14 oz plain flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp fresh grated nutmeg
1/4 tsp ground cloves
11 oz castor sugar
3 1/2 oz demerara sugar
3 eggs, beaten
7 fl oz sunflower oil
2 tsp vanilla essence
13oz grated courgette
3 oz chopped walnuts
12 oz SR flour
2 ox cocoa
1 tsp mixed spice
6 fl oz olive oil
13 oz golden castor sugar
3 eggs
2 tsp vanilla essence
18fl oz grated courgette - about two medium sized ones
5 oz toasted hazelnuts
7oz dark chocolate
3 1/2 oz double cream
Zucchini Loaf
2 x loaf tins, buttered
Oven 150c/ 300f/ Gas mark 2
1, Put flour, salt, bicarb, baking powder, sugars and spices into a bowl and mix well.
2. Add the beaten eggs, oil, vanilla essence and courgettes and mix well.
3, Add the walnuts.
4, Divide the mixture between 2 loaf tins
5, Bake for 1 - 1 1/4 hrs
6, Allow to cool for 20 mins before turning out

Recipe for Chocolate Courgette Cake
1, Sieve the dry ingredients together, (flour, cocoa, mixed spice,)  Add the sugar
2, Beat the eggs and mix with the oil, essence, and courgettes.
3, Mix all the ingredients  together and add the nuts
4, Divide the mixture between  2 loaf tins
5, Bake in the oven at 180c for 40-50 mins
6, Allow to cool before turning out
7, For the icing melt the chocolate over a saucepan of water or in the microwave oven
8, Blend in the double cream
9, Ice and decorate the cake

visitor web stats

visitor web stats
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The final product from your allotmentPhoto of sweet corn cobs

Gravel for the path     More added in December                             

                                           More gravel added to roadways   
Refurbished drive and path
Oct 2010 gravel improvements additional gravel



Objective. For creating allotments and their proper cultivation

  1. The allotments are to be let on yearly tenancy from October 1st each year.

  2. The association will hold an AGM in September each year and all plot holders will be given a minimum of one month’s notice of the date, time and venue.

  1. The rent is to be paid at the AGM, or the nearest convenient date but must be paid by October 1st. If the rent is not paid by October 1st then it will be assumed that a member no longer wishes to rent their plot; their agreement will be terminated and their plot re-let.

  1. No allotment holder may sub-let his or her plot without the consent of the committee.

  1. Households are only permitted to hold one plot. This rule does not affect current plot holders who hold more than one plot but they may not apply for further plots.

  1. No building can be erected in a position, which may cause annoyance to another allotment holder.

  1. Roads and paths must be kept clear at all times – do not park on roadways.

  1. Cars and lorries must not be driven at speed.

  1. All refuse from the allotment must be burnt or taken home. It must not be deposited on the road, path or other areas.

  1. The use of hosepipes and sprinklers is NOT allowed.

  1. The number of the gate padlock must NOT be given to any third party.

  1. If you invite a person to work on your allotment and that person is not a fellow allotment holder you must accompany that person at all times.

  1. The gate must be correctly locked AT ALL TIMES for security reasons. Any member who fails to do this may be asked to terminate their agreement.

  1. No allotment holder is allowed to take sand, gravel or soil from the site. Any soil brought in must be from a recognised source.

  1. Shooting and the use of firearms on the site are STRICTLY forbidden.

  1. No fly tipping is allowed.

  1. The management committee shall consist of members elected at the AGM.

  1. Any allotment holder, who the committee believes is not cultivating their plot,(i.e. their plot is adversely affecting the adjacent plots) will have their agreement terminated with a months notice. An appeal may be made to the committee in writing for exceptional circumstances.

  1. All plot holders whose plot adjoins the road and/ or walkways are responsible for keeping their half of the road or walkway next to their plot tidy and not overgrown.

  2. Anyone caught stealing from another plot will be asked to vacate his or her plot immediately.

  3. Dog owners should be aware that there is rat poison on the site. All dogs must be kept under control and any dog excrement dealt with appropriately.

  1. No livestock is to be kept on the site.

  1. All structures eg. Polytunnels and sheds must be firmly held down and securely fixed.

  1. Parents are reminded that they are responsible for the welfare of their children at all times. There are areas of water on the site so it is suggested that all children should be confined to their parents’ plot whenever possible.

  1. Bonfires are permitted but consideration must always be given to other allotment holders and fires should not be lit when the wind direction will cause the fire to annoy others.

  1. Plot holders are responsible for all items on their plot and must reimburse other plot holders for any damage caused.

  1. Plot holders are requested to erect a number on their plot.

Rules accepted at the AGM in October 2013


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